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The Importance of Isolation Valves part 2

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

We returned to our commercial plumbing repair at the truck stop in Haines City, Florida to complete the recommended repairs/alterations in the boiler room. The valves were installed as well as a permanent bypass for serviceability. The Bradley mixing valve was rebuilt with all new internals.

Haines city plumbing repairHaines city plumbing repair2

In the future servicing the valve will be a snap. It’s just a shame that the builder skimped on these devices. It ended up costing the property owner triple what it would have to just do it right the first time. This doesn’t factor in lost customers to the business due to water outages or man ours paid for by the staff to deal with the crisis.

The point to take home here is this: An inexpensive valve can save you downtime and facilitate repairs, saving you money. If you get several estimates and you always go with the lowest one, there is a good chance there is something important that is missing in that contract. Don’t go cheap unless you know EXACTLY what you are getting and not getting. Read the fine print, specifications and warranty. Not all companies are the same and will provide different levels of professionalism.

Don’t try and save pennies now only to lose dollars later!